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XmlRpc::XmlRpcServerConnection Class Reference

A class to handle XML RPC requests from a particular client. More...

#include <XmlRpcServerConnection.h>

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Public Member Functions

 XmlRpcServerConnection (int fd, XmlRpcServer *server, bool deleteOnClose=false)

virtual ~XmlRpcServerConnection ()

virtual unsigned handleEvent (unsigned eventType)
 Handle IO on the client connection socket.

Static Public Attributes

const char METHODNAME_TAG [] = "<methodName>"
const char PARAMS_TAG [] = "<params>"
const char PARAMS_ETAG [] = "</params>"
const char PARAM_TAG [] = "<param>"
const char PARAM_ETAG [] = "</param>"
const std::string SYSTEM_MULTICALL = "system.multicall"
const std::string METHODNAME = "methodName"
const std::string PARAMS = "params"
const std::string FAULTCODE = "faultCode"
const std::string FAULTSTRING = "faultString"

Protected Types


Protected Member Functions

bool readHeader ()
bool readRequest ()
bool writeResponse ()
virtual void executeRequest ()
std::string parseRequest (XmlRpcValue &params)
bool executeMethod (const std::string &methodName, XmlRpcValue &params, XmlRpcValue &result)
bool executeMulticall (const std::string &methodName, XmlRpcValue &params, XmlRpcValue &result)
void generateResponse (std::string const &resultXml)
void generateFaultResponse (std::string const &msg, int errorCode=-1)
std::string generateHeader (std::string const &body)

Protected Attributes

ServerConnectionState _connectionState
std::string _header
int _contentLength
std::string _request
std::string _response
int _bytesWritten
bool _keepAlive

Detailed Description

A class to handle XML RPC requests from a particular client.

Member Function Documentation

unsigned XmlRpcServerConnection::handleEvent unsigned    eventType [virtual]

Handle IO on the client connection socket.

eventType Type of IO event that occurred.
See also:

Implements XmlRpc::XmlRpcSource.

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