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XmlRpc++ Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
XmlRpc::XmlRpcClientA class to send XML RPC requests to a server and return the results
XmlRpc::XmlRpcDispatchAn object which monitors file descriptors for events and performs callbacks when interesting events happen
XmlRpc::XmlRpcErrorHandlerAn interface allowing custom handling of error message reporting
XmlRpc::XmlRpcExceptionA class representing an error
XmlRpc::XmlRpcLogHandlerAn interface allowing custom handling of informational message reporting
XmlRpc::XmlRpcServerA class to handle XML RPC requests
XmlRpc::XmlRpcServerConnectionA class to handle XML RPC requests from a particular client
XmlRpc::XmlRpcServerMethodAbstract class representing a single RPC method
XmlRpc::XmlRpcSocketA platform-independent socket API
XmlRpc::XmlRpcSourceAn RPC source represents a file descriptor to monitor
XmlRpc::XmlRpcUtilUtilities for XML parsing, encoding, and decoding and message handlers
XmlRpc::XmlRpcValueRPC method arguments and results are represented by Values

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