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XmlRpc++ is a C++ implementation of the XML-RPC protocol. It is based upon Shilad Sen's excellent py-xmlrpc. The XmlRpc protocol was designed to make remote procedure calls easy: it encodes data in a simple XML format and uses HTTP for communication. XmlRpc++ is designed to make it easy to incorporate XML-RPC client and server support into C++ applications.


  • Easy   This library is easy to incorporate into C++ applications. No other libraries are required, other than your system's socket libraries. Simple XML parsing and HTTP support are built in.

  • Fast   All IO is non-blocking, so a slow client or network will not slow down the server.

  • Portable Written in standard C++ to the POSIX and Windows sockets APIs. You do need a fairly recent compiler (g++ 3.1 or MSVC++ .Net or MSVC++ 6 with the STL patches.)

  • Free   This library is released under the GNU LGPL.